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5 Quick Low GI Fixes for Hunger Pangs

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5 Quick Low GI Fixes for Hunger Pangs - GI fixes for your hungry stomach are good for health and for your diet. GI or Glycemic Index is a food component of food. If you eat food with according to the index, these food items will be digested by your stomach slowly, so you do not need to feel hungry most of the time which means you will not eat a lot of food. The 5 Quick Low GI Fixes for Hunger Pangs suggested in this article can give you ideas on what food you should eat to avoid getting hungry most of the time, leaving you with more fat as you eat more.
Actually food items with low GI are not hard to find, you just need to know which foods are suitable so you can pack up your daily meal with this amazing dieting habit that is healthy and will keep you in shape.

The 3 Cardinal Sins of Affiliate Marketing

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The 3 Cardinal Sins of Affiliate Marketing

Ever since I began working with affiliate marketing back in 1998 I've seen affiliate successes and failures. What fascinates me is that many of those who fail as affiliates all make the same mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes can often mean the difference between a flop affiliate and a super affiliate. I gave it some thought, and decided to make a list over the three cardinal sins of affiliate marketing.

1. Not knowing what you're selling
One of the most common mistakes I've seen is the affiliate who's promoting something he doesn't really know anything about. He hasn't bought the product and doesn't know first-hand if the product can actually deliver what you've said. This can be a disaster for your affiliate future, and there are two main reasons why.
The first and most obvious one is that you might end up sending lots and lots of traffic and spending lots and lots of money getting that traffic, and get no sales - or most of the sales end up as refunds. It's simply bad for your business to try and sell something you're not sure is worth the money you might spend promoting it.
The other reason mostly applies to website and newsletter owners. If you recommend a product to your visitors and it doesn't deliver the goods, that's going to reflect on you. The reason is because your visitor will identify you with the product: you were the one who recommended it to him or her, and if it's no good, then you're a poor judge of quality. This might again damage your reputation and credibility as people get the impression that you're just in it for the money and don't care about actually delivering something worthwhile to your visitors.
Therefore: ALWAYS buy something before you consider promoting it as an affiliate. Many affiliate programs offer a refund if you're not satisfied, so you can always demand your money back after testing the product.
(It's also a great sales booster if you can tell your visitors something about your own experience with the product)

2. Sending traffic from traffic exchanges directly to your affiliate website
If you've been using traffic exchanges, you've seen this happen way too often. Traffic exchanges are a great source of leads if you know how to use them. Sending that traffic directly to your affiliate website is one surefire way of letting the world know that you have no idea how traffic exchanges work.
First of all, let's take a look at the average traffic exchange user. EVERY single user of traffic exchanges is in it for the traffic. They're not looking for good offers and they haven't searched for anything. The only reason they're looking at your site is so that you or someone else will look at their site.
This means that for you to succeed as an affiliate with traffic exchanges, you will have to grab their attention - and most ordinary affiliate splash-pages don't work too good with traffic exchanges. Trust me, I've sent over a hundred thousand hits to such splash-pages without making a single sale!
Getting that attention involves two things. First of all, the product you're promoting has to be relevant for the average traffic exchange user. They don't care about weight loss products, vitamins or how to train your dog. They want products that help them make money on their own. They're using the traffic exchanges to make money, so they're not interested unless you can offer them an easier or better way to make money.
Secondly, you will have to get your hands dirty and write some sales letters of your own. You should make one for each traffic exchange you're using, and it should be obvious to the reader that you're addressing him or her as a user of that specific traffic exchange. It doesn't have to be as long as the sales letter on the affiliate splash-page, but it should be enough to grab their attention - and then give them a link to your affiliate website.
Actually, the most successful traffic exchange sales letter I've ever written was only five paragraphs long! The headline was quite simple: Stop Using WebBizInsider! You're Wasting Your Time And Money! I wasn't recommending another traffic exchange, nor did I recommend that they stopped using traffic exchanges. I spent the next five paragraphs explaining that they were doing it the wrong way, but the headline had gotten their attention - and the feedback on the program I offered them was excellent!

Therefore: Don't spend your traffic exchange credits on random affiliate splash-pages. Find products that are relevant to traffic exchange users and spend some time developing short, but attention grabbing sales letters with a link to your affiliate website.
Tips: If you're looking for the best traffic exchanges, I personally recommend WebBizInsider. If you're not into clicking for hours to get some credits, you can buy credits and even downlines!

3. Not knowing what niche you're in
Another costly affiliate mistake is not knowing who to sell your products to. This doesn't have to mean that you won't sell anything. It simply means that your cost per referral will increase, because you're wasting time and money on visitors that aren't interested in what you're promoting. It's quite simple: it's not impossible to sell sand to a man in Sahara, but it will take way more time and effort than it would to sell water to the same person.
It is therefore important that you give some thought to what you're promoting and who would be interested in buying it. For instance, if you're selling weight loss products, it makes more sense to promote it on fitness related websites than in SEO-communities.

Therefore: Take some time to find out exactly what you are selling and to whom. Knowing what niche you're in will save you time and money, and you will start making more money in less time.
If you're not sure what affiliate program to promote, I would strongly recommend Affiliate Elite. It's a great tool to find the best ClickBank affiliate programs. You can even sell the program itself as an affiliate!
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The Amazing Widget (That Makes YOU Money)!

The Amazing Widget (That Makes YOU Money)!

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