Saturday, 10 October 2009

Setting the goals......

It is now 11.48pm. I have come to the conclusion that goal setting and achieving will be a continuous process. I have so much to say, do, achieve and strive for. I have embarked upon a program of internet marketing with a view to learning about how to make a living on line. I am focussed and ready. I constantly read about how it is possible to make money "instantly" on line - and I'm sure that it is possible to strike gold first time. However, I am beginning the process of earning while learning and I hope to be able to document my achievements and successes on these pages. My goal is to achieve my dream lifestyle. To become financially free and to be able to live a life of choice and to enjoy quality time with my family. The LIFESTYLE is the goal. The lifestyle is the source of happiness in my opinion - the wealth just enables you to have choices within the lifestyle. I am working very hard on changing the mindset. I believe I am probably almost there. My thoughts and beliefs have changed drastically over the past 5 years. These changes have provided me with the strength to embark upon this journey. My self confidence is improving. My self esteem is improving. My belief in my ability is better than ever. I have been reading a lot lately. This definitely focusses the mind. Current reading matter includes: Giant Steps, Your Erroneous Zones and Total Self Confidence. All of these publications were recommended by Mark Anastasi in the course of one of his e-mail postings. I will endeavour to elaborate on how my mindset is improving as time goes on. I usually experience a surge of motivation when I read a book which is particularly inspirational so I will try to share the experiences as they occur within these pages.

As usual, any thoughts, feedback, ideas or suggestions always gratefully received. Talk soon.

Donna Amphlett

Introducing you to my life.....


It is 9.34pm on Saturday, October 10th. Today, after months of preparation, I embark on the action plan to achieve my dreams and accomplish my goals. I am certain that everyone in the universe makes this decision at some time in life. I have known for a long time that I could live life far beyond my expectations. Does anyone ever reach their true potential? I'm about to have a damn good try. In recent years, I have become enlightened by reading lots of books, contributing to forums, listening to other people's ideas and theories. I now understand that my life is actually wonderful and that I do have so much to be grateful for. I also now understand that certain parts of my life could definitely be improved. Financially speaking, I have come to the realisation that I am not living the life I deserve. In short, I have been held back by limiting thoughts and beliefs. It has become apparent that I am the product of beliefs which originated back in childhood. To a certain extent these ideas are inherited from parents, teachers and a variety of significant others during the formative years. It has taken me some time to understand this. I am afraid I believed that good fortune, wealth, success and achievement were all things that happened to other people. I suppose I believed that you were born wealthy or that it somehow came easily to the chosen few. I now know that the individual must take responsibility for his/her life and for all that happens within that life.

It is my aim to keep this blog updated with the progress of my journey to fulfill the potential in my life. Everything from my action plan to steps taken on a daily basis will receive an airing on these pages. Any feedback, comments, suggestions etc. will all be gratefully received. I look forward to sharing my journey.

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